Orbera Balloon

Orbera balloon, although not a well-known method until recently, is considered as an effective and reliable method due to FDA approval in 2015 and CE approval. This application is used in more than 80 countries worldwide to facilitate weight loss for thousands of people.

Orbera balloon is one of the applications preferred by people who are not very obese and do not want to undergo a surgical operation.

Orbera balloon is made of silicone and is inflated with saline water after being placed in the stomach through endoscopy. With the inflated balloon, 3/4 of the stomach becomes full. Thus, you can lose weight by taking less calories with less portions.

How Long Does Orbera Balloon Stay in the Stomach?

Orbera balloon stays in the stomach for 6 months. The inserted balloon must be removed after 6 months in order for the patient to continue losing weight.

Who is Orbera Balloon Suitable for?

-People with a body mass index between 30-35,

-People who cannot lose weight despite the use of medication or diet,

-People who have never had an organ transplant,

-People who do not want to undergo a surgical operation for weight loss,

-People who are not pregnant and are not planning to become pregnant,

How Long After The Procedure of Orbera Balloon Can Patients Recover?

Patients are usually discharged 2 hours after the procedure. The sooner your body adapts to the balloon, the faster you will return to your normal life.

Orbera Balloon
Orbera Balloon

How Much Weight Can Patients Lose with the Orbera Balloon?

Patients can lose an average of 10-15% weight with this procedure. For example, a person weighing 100 kg can lose 15 kg by means of the orbera balloon. Patients will feel less hunger in the first few weeks, so they will lose weight faster. However, weight loss will slow down over time.

Is It a Problem to Exercise After This Application of Orbera Balloon?

It is not recommended to exercise for the first few days after the application. The possibility of experiencing nausea in the first week may prevent you from exercising. However, you can exercise after one or two weeks in consultation with your doctor.

Advantages of Orbera Balloon

Since Orbera balloon application is not a surgical operation, no incision is required.

The balloon stays in the stomach temporarily, and is then removed.

The risk of complications is very low.

What Does the Research Show on Orbera Balloon?

According to the results of some studies, people with the ORBERA balloon application lost 3 times more weight than people who diet and exercise alone. In addition, a study conducted in the USA, patients were interviewed six months after the orbera balloon was removed and these people maintained an average of 75% of their weight loss.


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