Stomach Balloon

Stomach balloon is a technique in which a plastic balloon is inserted into the stomach with the help of endoscopy and helps to reduce the intake of nutrients and calories by reducing the volume of the stomach.

Stomach balloon application is a suitable method for patients with a body mass index above 25 and who do not want to undergo a surgical operation. In addition, it is also applied to support the weight loss of patients who are extremely obese and need to undergo a surgical operation to lose weight, but whose health condition will be at risk if they receive anesthesia and therefore cannot undergo surgery. Before bariatric surgery, patients with morbid obesity are applied stomach balloon for weight loss and these patients can undergo surgery as the risk of anesthesia is reduced.

How Should Diet be Followed after Stomach Balloon?

In order to eliminate nausea, cramps and contractions that may occur after stomach balloon application, some nutrition programmes can be applied under the control of a doctor. In addition, consumption of some herbal teas that will relax the stomach may also be recommended.

What is the Size of the Stomach Balloon?

The stomach balloon, which is placed in the stomach after inflation, is the size of a grapefruit.

Does the Stomach Balloon Enlarge the Stomach?

Stomach balloon application alone does not expand the stomach. However, if patients force themselves to eat excessively despite having a stomach balloon, the stomach may expand.

Stomach balloon

How is the Stomach Balloon Removed?

The stomach balloon is removed through the mouth with the help of endoscopy after the patient is sedated. The balloon is deflated before removal.

What Happens after Removal of the Stomach Balloon?

After the stomach balloon is removed, the person will feel an emptiness in the stomach. Therefore, the patient may feel hungry again. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to diet in order not to gain weight again and exercise is also recommended.


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