Mini Tummy Tuck

“Mini Tummy tuck ” sagging in the lower part of the belly button, “ stretch It is an operation applied to those who have “ marks ” or overweight problems. “ Fully tummy tuck ” is the operation performed with the same principle, spread over a larger part of the abdomen.

“Mini Tummy tuck ” “ before and after ” is a process with extremely inspiring results. The difference is clearly understood when compared with the images. The reason for the operation “ mini ” is only “ belly ” button ” is performed for six. With the operation, it is aimed to remove excess “ skin ” areas, fat layer and cracks.

Mini Tummy Tuck Cost

Plastictummy ” tuck , which is an operation within the scope of “ surgery ” ; It is the surest and most effective way to get rid of abdominal fat and excess “ abdominal skin ” layer. The procedure is also called “ abdominoplasty ”. Weight Providing “ loss ” not only combats obesity, one of the most important health problems, but also brings a more attractive physical appearance.

Mini Tummy tuck It is also a matter of curiosity when the scar ” texture will completely pass. “ Surgery ” scars are greatly reduced in the first few months after the procedure. However, for a more effective recovery, a period of 9-12 months should pass. “ American The society of plastic surgeons also has “ dr ” members who conduct various researches in this field . Relevant surgical operations are very well known and successfully applied today.

Tummy tuck It is not possible to specify a net fee, as cost ” may be affected by certain criteria. Criteria such as the scope of the operation, the price policies of the clinic, whether an additional operation will be needed or not can affect the price. You can contact us to talk about the details and to get up-to-date fee information.

Mini Tummy Tuck
Mini Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Operation

Healthy Eating ” is one of the best ways to maintain an ideal weight. However, some health problems and structural differences lead to weight gain even if not much food is eaten. Although the “ abdominal muscles ” work at a high level with certain exercises, it is not always possible to get rid of weight with exercise and diet. Such a situation can result in obesity, which can lead to many problems, especially cardiovascular problems.

“ Tummy tuck The procedure can be done for both women and men. Although stretch marks in the abdomen are mostly related to pregnancy, overweight men may also experience stretch marks in the abdomen after losing weight. One of the most effective ways to get rid of stretch marks is abdominoplasty . Obesity surgery or “ tummy ” It is possible to get rid of obesity with a method such as tuck or mini tummy .

Postpartum operations “ mommy It can be evaluated within the scope of “ makeover ”. Motherhood is a condition that causes certain physical deformations, especially in the abdomen. Sagging of the breast after the breastfeeding period, cracks in the abdomen are within this scope.

Mini Tummy Tuck Candidate

Tummy Since tuck operations are performed under general anesthesia , the person does not feel any pain. Although a slight pain may be seen after the surgery, various painkillers or “ anti- inflammatory ” This is relieved with drugs ”. The patient can return to work and social life within 2-3 weeks.

Mini tummy operation, full It affects a smaller abdominal area compared to the tummy operation. The position of the belly button does not change as a result of this procedure. A lower amount of “ excess skin and fat ” tissue is removed.

Pubic If the area contains excess fat layer and cracks, the operation can be extended to reach this area. In such a case, make a “ schedule a consultation ” with your doctor and make the final decision. “ Pulled With a taut ‘tummy, you will now have a healthier and more aesthetic body. Details and Clinics You can contact us to learn about United’s highly experienced staff .


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